• Aircraft based study reveals major underestimates in emissions from unconventional oil sands operations
  • Summer 2022 multi-site measurements in New York City show major contributions from temperature-dependent secondary organic aerosols
  • Gentner Group geared up for AEROMMA 2022 and 2023 ground site activities in NYC and downwind Connecticut
  • Gentner Group partners on $12 million NSF grant to establish nationwide atmospheric measurement network with a site in New York City
  • Science Advances: Building efficiency improvements and their combined effects on outdoor and indoor air quality
  • Indoor air's chemical complexity and emissions to outdoor air in ES&T
  • A close look at forest fire smoke with high-resolution tandem mass spectrometry yields new clues about air pollution
  • Science Advances: Asphalt adds to air pollution, especially on hot, sunny days
  • Third hand tobacco smoke paper out in Science Advances: Offgassing of hazardous air pollutants into indoor non-smoking environments
  • Observations at the Yale Coastal Field Station advance understanding of air quality in the Long Island Sound (Ditto et al. ES&T Letters 2020, ACP 2022) and long-distance transport of biomass burning emissions, while providing opportunities for outreach
  • Urban network of multipollutant monitors from the Gentner Group in multi-year deployment to Baltimore for the SEARCH Center
  • With past (2013) and recent (2018) flight campaigns, Gentner Group collaborates with Environment and Climate Change Canada to understand SOA formation from oil sands extraction and processing operations
  • Testing by the Gentner Group and the Center for Engineering Innovation & Design enable data-driven decision making to guide Yale New Haven Hospital during 2020 mask and respirator shortages


Check out our special symposium on “Coast to Coast Campaigns on Aerosols, Clouds, Chemistry, and Air Quality” at the 2024 AAAR Fall Meeting and consider submitting an abstract by May 8th. Hope to see you there!

Opportunities in the Gentner Research Group

I am looking for graduate students and postdocs with a strong science or engineering background who are passionate about the environment to join my research team. Please contact me if you are interested in working on big questions in air quality and global change.

There are also opportunities for select undergraduate students from Yale or with external REU funding.

Data processing and analysis code developed for complex mixture speciation, as well as the modeling of indoor air quality in recent publications can be found on github or archive pages associated with various publications (e.g., Ditto et al. ES&T Letters 2020, Gillingham et al. Science Advances 2021), or by contacting Prof. Gentner (e.g. for Agilent Q-TOF data processing code in Khare et al. J. Chrom. A 2019).

Recent News

February 8, 2024
Check out this Scientific American article that features the recent paper by Hass-Mitchell et al. Congrats to the Yale ASCENT team of Tori, Taekyu, and Mitchell!
January 25, 2024
Congrats to Megan, Jenna, Lexie and the rest of the Yale and Environment and Climate Change Canada team on the paper out in Science.
January 13, 2022
Congrats to undergraduate researcher, Megan He ‘22, for being named a Churchill Scholar!